About Us

Hello, my name is David. I’ve always had a fascination with the unknown.

I think of myself as a “skeptical believer”, is there such a thing? Of course there is. I’ve been investigating the paranormal for almost 21 years now, and I take nothing about the paranormal at face value. Just because something happens, doesn’t mean its supernatural in nature. Once you rule out all the possible’s or normal’s, you are left with the impossible or the paranormal. And I find those far more interesting. I embrace what I see and hear with caution. Belief is easy, Proof is something else altogether, and therein lies the fascination.

Hello, my name is Lisa.

I started my involvement with M.P.A. as an actual client. I was so impressed with the group that I ended up being an active part of the team. I am a widow and have always believed in ghosts and sprits even before the death of my husband. I have been told that I am a sensitive, and there may be some truth to that. I have seen too many things, not to believe. I am also a bit of a skeptic at times and want to find a logical answer first. I have raised three children and am a strong Christian and believe GOD has called me to help find peace, in this world and the next.

Hello, my name is Rosemary.  I am married to team member Edwin.

I’ve had paranormal encounters all of my life, and I know firsthand that sometimes guidance and education is needed to understand the unknown. I am a spiritual-medium and I have the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits, as well as angels and sprit guides. If you need help with paranormal phenomenon, M.P.A. is a wonderful group of experienced people to offer assistance.

Hello, my name is Edwin; I am married to team member Rosemary.

I consider myself a pretty technical guy and a bit of an inventor. I also consider myself to be a “believing-skeptic” when it comes to the paranormal. This means that I know the paranormal exists because of the things I have witnessed and experienced. It also means that I look first for any and all possible logical explanations for things before I deem them paranormal.

 I have ideas for new equipment to be used on our investigations to help better our communication with the “other side”. My favorite part of investigating besides the comfort we provide to our clients by helping them, is attempting to get communication through EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) or “Ghost voices on tape”.